Veterans Community Collecting Event 2018

On March 23 and 24, 2018, members of the Framingham State University community and the general public gathered for a weekend to honor military veterans. On Friday, March 23, the Framingham State Veterans Center held it's grand-opening. On Saturday, March 24, FSU community members and members of the general public were invited to bring artifacts related to their or their family member's military service to be scanned or photographed for this digital collection. Massachusetts Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Services, Francisco A. Ureña, spoke at the event. An exhibit by FSU Professor Leslie Starobin, "Dear Dearest Mother: Leslie Starobin’s Wartime Still Life Montages”, which was composed from keepsakes of war veterans was on display during the event.

This event was sponsored by the Framingham State University Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement, the Framingham State University Office of Veteran's Services, and the Henry Whittemore Library

Event planned by: Millie Gonzalez, Hedda Monaghan

Scanning credit: Abelard Newell

Photography credit: Ethan Bickford

Digital post-production: Susan Skoog

Metadata: Suzanne Meunier, Susan Skoog, Abelard Newell

Contributor metadata intake: Debbie Hogan, Suzanne Meunier, Bonnie Mitchell, Maria Lentini, Hedda Monaghan


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