Student Poster and Presentation Day 2014


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Friday, May 2nd
9:00 AM

Third Annual Student Poster and Presentation Day

Framingham State University
Linda Vaden-Goad, Framingham State University

McCarthy College Center

9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Introductory note from the program:

Today marks our third great celebration of student scholarly work and faculty support. As students, you have taken special initiative to understand something deeply, and you have worked by the side of your faculty who have spent their time sharing with you their academic fields and expertise. They have done so because they care about you and your success, and they are optimistic about the future they see in you. Today, the steps you have taken to understand your chosen field and how it makes progress will open many doors for you as you move into your professions and careers. Your work and future work, also, will improve life for others in multiple ways — improving healthcare; enlivening the arts; creating new strategies for people to understand their own behavior and that of others; enabling businesses to thrive; teaching people of all ages; caring for the planet; and making discoveries in the sciences that matter. Keep learning. Keep working. Thank your professors, and continue to expect a lot of yourselves. This is a significant moment. We are proud of you. Congratulations!

To Professor Karen Druffel, Professor Brianna Plummer, Dr. Bridgett Galvin, Dr. Ruth Remington and our faculty who serve the university through the Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching, Scholarship and Service, thank you for your hard work and success in making this event happen. Great work! And to our faculty who have mentored these students who are here today, what a community you have created! Clearly something to celebrate. Thank you.

Linda Vaden-Goad, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs

10:00 AM

Fashion Merchandising Student Presentations: Business, Buying, and Promotional Plans

Melissa B. Brady
Olivia G. Henry
Jaclyn M. LaFrance
Katherine C. Piper
Lauren E. Shaffer
Amanda M. André
Briana P. Tarantino
Heather M. Sheline
Kaitlyn E. Doyle
Tronella Nagadya
Nicole F. Fitzpatrick
Jennifer L. Hooper
Vanessa E. Osborn
Jillian L. Perry
Diana M. Dill
Alexandra M. Finley
Robert A. Grace
Samantha R. Kaplan
Taryn L. McCarthy
Mallory Barter
Lara F. Garnett
Amanda M. Gundel
Meghan Lehrer
Amanda Matvichuk
Amanda Bonnacorso
Nicolette Carlson
Kayla Clementel
Sierra Gregoire
Jamie Janko
Aileen Burno
Edwine Elie
William Plaza
Monique Belliveau
Marissa D’Angelo
Kasey Slate-Romano
Patricia K. Brown
Anna De Cristofaro
Devon Di Pilla
Elizabeth Berman
Emily Carr
Lindsey Logan
Lorie Rash


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Student groups presentations for the Fashion Merchandizing program's capstone course, FASH 464: Fashion Merchandising: Planning, Policies, and Implementation.

Groups present analyses of industry standards in a business plan for a model retail business. Concepts included are financial planning, store location, organizational structure, merchandise assortment, and financial structure of the apparel and home furnishings industries. The role of the buyers and managers in policy making is analyzed. Open-to-buy and pricing are calculated and evaluated. Procedures and techniques practiced in assortment, movement of goods, customer service, security, and store policies are reviewed.

Fashion Promotion Student Presentations: Retail Promotional Campaigns

Devin Calahane, Framingham State University
Marissa D’Angelo, Framingham State University
Hannah Whitehouse, Framingham State University
Asher Abrahams, Framingham State University
Mallory Barter, Framingham State University
Tricia Brown, Framingham State University
Alexandra Finley, Framingham State University
Lindsey Harris, Framingham State University
Samantha Kaplan, Framingham State University
Tronella Nagadya, Framingham State University
Lauren Shaffer, Framingham State University
Stephanie Osborn, Framingham State University
Rachel Gardner, Framingham State University


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Student group presentations for the Fashion Merchandizing program's course, FASH 452: Fashion Promotion.

Groups present studies of promotional activities related to fashion merchandising. Theory and application of visual display, special events, publicity, and advertising are emphasized. Factors such as organizational philosophy, store image, and budgeting are considered.

Student Design Portfolio Presentations: Apparel Design Portfolio

Greg Arpante, Framingham State University
Allison Donofrio, Framingham State University
Lauren Carlson, Framingham State University
Samantha Driscoll, Framingham State University
Olivia Harvey, Framingham State University
Kara Hill, Framingham State University
Katie Leonardi, Framingham State University
Meghan Malone, Framingham State University
Krystin Marx, Framingham State University
Mali McKinney, Framingham State University
Naomi Miller, Framingham State University
Shannon Rafferty, Framingham State University
Mia Sherbertes, Framingham State University
Kasey Slate-Romano, Framingham State University
Danielle Smith, Framingham State University
Rachel Young, Framingham State University

McCarthy College Center Forum

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Student Design Portfolio Presentations, for the program's capstone course, FASH 487: Apparel Design Portfolio.

A capstone experience to organize and present design work created in the Fashion Design and Retailing program and to produce a portfolio required to obtain a professional position in the apparel industry. Students develop a portfolio to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a variety of garment categories: hand and computer illustration, flat sketching techniques, and original full-scale garments. Ideas are assembled in an aesthetic and professional format by integrating the components of design, fabric, and end use. A portfolio presentation is required.

1:00 PM

Undergraduate Oral Presentations

Andre Fernandez, Framingham State University
Michelle Tocci, Framingham State University
Tirzah Rasys, Framingham State University
Charles Rinaldo, Framingham State University
Kiana Brown, Framingham State University
Laura Asson, Framingham State University
Meghan Hurley, Framingham State University
Katherine Ortiz, Framingham State University

Alumni Room

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


Income mobility in the United States: Is America the land of the birth lottery or the American dream?
Andre Fernandez
Sponsor: Dr. Michael Enz

Fashion Design

Content Analysis of Brand Placement in Cinematic Productions: A Comparison of Reality Television and Dramatic Series
Michelle Tocci, Tirzah Rasys, Charles Rinaldo, Kiana Brown
Sponsor: Dr. Haewon Ju


Revolutionary War Music: A Melding of Musical Genres and the Making of a Wartime Culture
Laura Asson
Sponsor: Dr. Maria Bollettino


Good for America? An Understanding of Attitudes Towards Immigrants
Meghan Hurley and Katherine Ortiz
Sponsor: Dr. Marian Cohen

1:30 PM

Undergraduate Poster Presentations: Biology

Aaron Beck, Framingham State University
Deborah Toupouzis, Framingham State University
Conner Fleming, Framingham State University


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Allometry of bite force in Water Monitors (Varanus salvator): comparisons with Komodo Dragons (Varanus komodoensis)
Aaron Beck
Sponsors: Dr. Steve Dinkalacker & Dr. Larry McKenna

Independent Study in Museum Specimen Preparation
Deborah Toupouzis & Conner Fleming
Sponsor: Dr. Brandi Van Roo

Undergraduate Poster Presentations: Chemistry and Food Science

Michael Hewitt, Framingham State University
Sean Pederson, Framingham State University
Janelle Drolet, Framingham State University
Christopher Myles, Framingham State University
Lisa Striegel, Framingham State University


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Investigating Tetrachloroaurate and Cesium Iodide Clusters Using Mass Spectrometry
Michael Hewitt
Sponsor: Dr. Jesse Marcum

Development of Palladium-Catalyzed Allylation of Hydroxypyridine
Sean Pederson and Janelle Drolet
Sponsor: Dr. Shelli Waetzig

Chemistry and Food Science

Molecular Modeling of Tetrachloroa
Christopher Myles
Sponsor: Dr. Jesse Marcum

Effect of Black Tea Polyphenols and Alkaloids on Carbohydrate Hydrolysis Enzymes, Relevant to Type 2 Diabetes Prevention
Lisa Striegel
Sponsor: Dr. Manos Apostolidis

Undergraduate Poster Presentations: Economics, Business Administration and Information Systems

Jasmine Moore, Framingham State University
Michaela Griswold, Framingham State University
Zack Thomas, Framingham State University
Jameel Peterson, Framingham State University
Raphaela Sakakibara, Framingham State University
Danny Krastev, Framingham State University
Collin Fraser, Framingham State University


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

International Finance Risk
Jasmine Moore
Sponsor: Dr. Francis Kemegue

Net Neutrality: A Debate Over the Control of Internet Service Providers
Michaela Griswold, Zack Thomas, & Jameel Peterson
Sponsor: Karen Druffel

Net Neutrality of the U.S. and the World
Raphaela Sakakibara, Danny Krastev, & Collin Fraser
Sponsor: Karen Druffel

4:00 PM

Graduate Oral Presentations in Nursing

Sally Dowling, Framingham State University
Janet Forgione, Framingham State University
Bouhee Kang, Framingham State University
Adam Kafka, Framingham State University

Alumni Room

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

High School Students' Perceptions of Nursing: An Integrative Review
Sally Dowling
Sponsors: Cynthia Bechtel and Ruth Remington

Instructor Feedback to Online Nursing Students: An Integrative Review
Janet Forgione
Sponsors: Cynthia Bechtel and Ruth Remington

In vitro determination of bioactive phenolic fraction of blueberry for type 2 diabetes prevention
Bouhee Kang
Sponsor: Dr. Manos Apostolidis

Carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzyme inhibitory effects of cranberry extract bioactive fractions for type 2 diabetes prevention
Adam Kafka
Sponsor: Dr. Manos Apostolidis