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Anxiety disorders are a common category of mental illness, which affects the lives of many individuals. This study was designed to examine perceptions of anxiety in relation to self-esteem and life achievement. Participants were given one of four scenario conditions, which presented a college student that varied in gender and whether or not the character was seeking therapy for his or her anxiety disorder. Participants consisted of 115 college students, 98 of whom were female. Participants were asked to complete the Rosenberg Self-Esteem, General Expectancy for Success, Boys Don't Cry, and the Penn State Worry scales to measure self-esteem, life achievement, personality characteristics, and anxiety. Results indicated that there was no significant difference in perceptions of the scenario character's self-esteem and life achievement regardless of gender or therapy. Findings did indicate that participants suffering from anxiety show lower levels of self-esteem. Overall, it appears that an individuals' knowledge about mental illness may affect their attitudes and views about anxiety.