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The present study assessed gender differences in response to reciprocal liking and the role of physical attractiveness of potential partners among students. participants included 255 undergraduates who were randomly assigned to complete one of eight scenario conditions depicting either an attractive or unattractive male or female character pursuing a peer. For the unattractive scenario, men and women reported similar levels of perceived reciprocal liking regardless of sex. While men's report of perceived reciprocal liking for attractive men was significantly different from their reports for attractive women, women's reports for both attractive men and women were similar. Additionally, college students who reported higher levels of self-esteem also reported higher levels of physical self-concept and to also desire higher levels of physical self-concept in current or potential partners. With regard to partner selection, men are less selective when approaching women, but more selective when approached by women. Finally, perceived reciprocal liking, influenced by levels of attractiveness, may be significantly affected by relationship status and are in need of further investigation.