January Day 2011

January Day provides a forum for FSU faculty members to present their pedagogical theories and innovative teaching practices, along with ideas to enhance student advising.


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Tuesday, January 11th
9:00 AM

January Day 2011

Framingham State University

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

"Moving Forward: Promoting Successful Transitions For Sophomores And Transfer Students" is the theme for January Day 2011.

During our January conference we will begin a discussion about two groups of students who often experience challenging transitions to the next stages of learning and individual growth: our sophomores and our transfer students. During the day, participants will have the opportunity to learn from students, administrators, librarians, and faculty about the challenges and paths to success for these students.

In the morning, we will begin with a report about the progress of the First-Year Foundations program, our homegrown model for a campus-wide commitment to a particular group of students. What have we learned about a holistic approach to student success? Are there elements of this program that will assist us in supporting student success when our students move forward to sophomore year?

To explore questions and issues related to the sophomore year, we will pose such questions as: What do we know about sophomore developmental issues? What are some of the roadblocks for second year students and how can we help to remove them? What pedagogies work in sophomore-level or sophomore-junior classes? What is unique to advising second year students? How can we better communicate with and support undeclared students? What co-curricular programs support sophomores?

In the afternoon, we will explore questions and issues related to transfer students such as: What are transfer students' unique needs and what are the specific responsibilities of faculty, librarians, and administrators to meet those needs? What are some of the roadblocks for transfer students and how can we help to remove them? How can the university benefit more from transfer students' distinctive life experience? What specific kinds of academic support and advising benefit transfer students? How is CTAG or the Transfer Equivalency Agreement working for transfer students and for the academic departments?

We hope that the conversations that we begin in January will continue and develop into increasingly productive debates and dialogues as we work to promote these students' success at Framingham State University.