A Comparison of American and British Television Advertising

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Archival Copy

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Michael Harrison


This paper conducts an in depth analysis of the major differences between American and British television advertising. It begins with a look at the major cultural differences between the U.S. and the U.K. that affect advertising. It then discusses a key historical difference in American and British advertising and its importance in today’s advertising. It looks at the major differences in the selling and persuasion techniques used by American and British advertisers in reference to a 1992 study conducted by Terence Nevett. It proceeds to discuss the major events in which advertisers compete with each other for each country. Lastly, it discusses an individual study that was conducted that compared 50 U.K. advertisements and 50 U.S. advertisements. It uses the following criteria to do so: title of advertisement, company name, year, hard sell, soft sell, celebrity endorsement, nationalistic, length, humorous, type of humor, entertaining, and informing. It discusses how the study was conducted, along with some limitations that arose and finally discusses some examples of future studies that could be conducted.

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