Incidence of ‘Text Neck’ and Improper Mobile Device Use on a University Campus


Joshua Morin

Date of Award


Degree Type

Archival Copy

First Advisor

Amy Knapp


Billions of people use mobile devices. Improper mobile device posture has been suggested to cause ‘Text neck’ (Forward Head Posture) and other health issues. The purpose of this pilot study was to determine the incidence of ‘Text Neck’ and improper mobile device use on a university campus. The study found that 94% of subjects viewed indirectly and 80% of those measured during tabling events used their mobile devices improperly. Forward Head Posture (FHP), Rounded Shoulder Posture (RSP), and a combination of them both (FHRSP) were present in 69%, 66%, 51% of subjects, respectively, while 31% had Ideal Head Posture (IHP). It was determined from this current study that a significant percentage of subjects evaluated have altered postures of some type and used their mobile devices improperly. There was a moderate correlation between Head Posture and Mobile Device Posture suggesting a relationship between altered head posture and improper mobile device use. Preliminary results from the study suggest that education on proper mobile device use, where the head is kept neutral, is warranted.

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