Art and the Environment

Date of Award


Degree Type

Archival Copy

First Advisor

Brian Bishop


I am keenly interested in leveraging the aesthetics and strategies of visual art to help spread awareness of environmental issues, such as the decline of bee populations due to neonicotinoids in fertilizers, and to help encourage self-awareness when buying or using everyday products. Bringing awareness about environmental issues like neonicotinoids and their effect on bee populations is important since bee pollination is a vital part of growing food and maintaining life. Bees obtain the chemicals from the fertilizers by coming in contact with them while pollinating and foraging and by ingesting the chemicals while feeding off the nectar of contaminated plants. Some of the effects of the neonicotinoids on bees are reduced food consumption, reduced reproduction, and difficulty flying and navigating. I believe that the power of art, its ability to convey complex and meaningful content, and its ability to speak to a diverse audience is a vital aspect of this project. Art has the capacity to capture attention and to be a catalyst for change. I hope to use this agency to change minds and inspire action.

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