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Fall 10-13-1936


Mr. O’Connor Expresses Belief Girls of Today Very Much Same As Those Yesterday


"Miss Hazel Davis has completed a crocheted bedspread and is taking orders on others to be finished in eternity." WHY IS IT? “Cu-l-ump" “Cu-l-ump" "Cu-l-ump" down the stairs they come. “Cu-l-ump" “Cu-l-ump" down the two short flights from third to second. “Cu-l-nmp” “Cu-l-ump" down two more to the first. “Ca-l-ack" “Ca-l-ack" on to the basement. Does it mean that onto each one of those heels settles a non-reduced hundred and seventy-five? I go to look. Not at all! As likely as not, it's a feather-weight of a girl appearing on the landing. And not always is that heel so very high. Just another one of ‘those people who hasn't yet discovered how much more fun and how much easier it is to come down lightly, knees bending at every step, weight falling with a velvet pat, stair after stair. -—E. A. H.


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