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Spring 6-8-1936


Elementary Degree Senior Superlatives: Best Looking…Most Shy…Most business-like…


The Elementary Degree Seniors Division II say that the Best-looking girl is Mildred MacFarland. Best-dressed is Regina Leary. Best dancer is Mildred MacFarland. Most innocent is Anita Slnnauk. Most business-like is Marion Davis. Manhater is Anita Slnnauk. Most popular is Helen Boyd and Mary Falvey (tied) Most studious is Marion Davis. Most sophisticated is Helen Boyd. Most athletic is Rose Paladino. Most musical is Rosalie Dolan and Helen Boyd (tied) Most artistic is Mildred MacFarland. Quietest is Viola Thompson. Most likely to succeed is Marion Davis. Most efficient is Helen Landry. Wittiest is Helen McMullen.


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