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Spring 3-25-1948

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"When you ask about ten Dutch people, 'What is a dietitian?' two will tell you, 'Well, it must be a kind of religion.' One might tell you it could be a new type of incinerator, and the rest—silence. About 99% of our dietitians are used in hospital kitchens as a kind of an intellectual cook. . . . When I return to Holland, I hope to show them a dietitian need not be hidden in a kitchen, but that she can work efficiently and knows the ins and outs of her profession." - Johanna Frederica Howeler (page 4)


Debate of honor system and cheating (page 2); Costume ball (page 3); Simmons Student Miss Johanna Frederica Howeler of Amsterdam speaks about being a dietitian (page 4)


student newspaper, Framingham Normal School, Framingham State University, women's college, teacher education, journalism, gatepost, honor code, honor system, dietetics profession, dietitian career


State Teachers College


Framingham, MA


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