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Spring 2-20-1948


Also on FSU's Digital Commons: For more information on dorm and campus rules in 1948, consult the Framingham Freshman Handbook, on page 36 of the handbook (page 20 of PDF file.)


Teacher qualifications raised with salary increase and myth of teacher shortage (page 2); New "late privileges" allowing female students to come and go more freely from dorms and campus (page 2); Jewish upperclassmen sponsor tea at Dean Larned's home and discuss forming Hillel campus group. (page 3)


'Student Body Rejoices at Announcement of New "Lates"
The student body received with great joy the news of our new late privileges. We are grateful to the faculty members who have made this possible. Even more interesting, however, was the encouraging statement by Miss Larned in which she said that she did not wish to keep a cloister on the "hill" since we students would soon be entering a rapidly changing and complex world. Certainly, the rigidity of many of our restrictions did not help us to develop a sense of personal responsibility. Now we are being offered the opportunity to prove that we do possess a certain sense of proportion and moral responsibility.

As students we should be most grateful, not for the actual privileges, but for the opportunity to prove ourselves worthy of the recent privileges as well as more liberal actions in the future. This is one of those times when everyone will benefit if we cooperate as a group. We can't afford the few individuals who may selfishly destroy the good impression which the group will strive to create.

With some imagination, and a consistently earned and growing liberalism, this campus may continue to develop as others have in the past and are developing now. When we return for our decennial we hope to find students still enjoying unlimited "lates" and "cuts," taking a keen interest in international relations, economic trends, and new philosophical and scientific developments, activated by an increasingly keener sense of their personal social responsibility. Much of the provincialism which we bring to the "hill" remains here for four years, dulling our college lives. If we successfully fulfill the personal responsibilities. which the individuals who have made these new privileges possible have every right to expect of us, we may be helping to make Framingham a more liberal school, an alma mater of which we may feel more proud.' (page 2)


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