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Spring 6-12-1933


Cannibalism at Framingham


CANNIBALISM SUSPECTED AT FRAMINGHAM Are we civilized here on the hill? It doesn't seem so now that cannibalism has apparently been practiced here successfully! Pop-Eye, the favorite goldfish of the biological laboratory was the un- happy victim. The morning after Memorial Day there was an unusual feeling of tension in the laboratory. The goldfish showed undue excitement. Upon in- spection it was found that one gold- fish was missing—Pop-Eye. He had left this earth for good. Only a few cranial bones found at the bottom of the aquarium identified the mutilated remains. Immediately Cephas the turtle was suspected of the dastarly deed, but circumstantial evidence led to the be- lief that the goldfish were responsible. (1) Their behavior has been sluggish: (2) they have showed a disinclination for food: and (3) they have grown otherwise inexplicably fatter. Which goldfish might have been the leader we shall probably never know, but we do know that eating their roommate in such a cannibalistic way would not have agreed with them. Are they repeating of a hor- rible deed. or have they merely indi- gestion? However, the H. A. Freshman Class together with Miss Gardner are mourning over the loss of their pet goldfish, and also over the fact that in such a presumably civilized world as this cannibalism may yet be prac- ticed successfully. Hildegard Osterlund. - Freshman B.


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