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Spring 5-31-1933


About The Gate Post's financial difficulties in comparison to The Dial yearbook. [Annual funding of $20 in 1933 = $380 in 2016 dollars.]


THE FACT THAT THE GATE POST is a failure finan- cially has probably not penetrated the thoughts of most of its subsscribers. For many months, however, those students really interested in THE GATE POST and its success (which, by the way, appears to be about twenty per cent of the total] num- ber enrolled here), have been try-ing to work out a theory as to the prob- able cause of this unfortunate situa- tion and a remedy for it. To me the difficulty seems to lie in the fact that THE GATE POST is not a traditional publication founded in the dark ages when so many of our clubs and activi- ties were established, and when the term “school spirit” meant something more than the face value of the two words of which it is composed. Nor is it alone among the students as individuals that this spirit is not only lagging but, in spots, completely lacking. To most of our clubs and organizations THE GATE POST is, apparently, merely a printed sheet in which to publish their notices and ad- vertise their activities, not a fellow organization with which to co-operate. Let me compare for you the financial assistance extended THE DIAL with that given THE GATE POST. The Gate Post The Dial Senior class ............ $6.50 $20.00 Junior class ............ 22.00 20.00 Sophomore class .. 20.00 20.00 Freshman class 22.00 20.00 Fine Arts Club ...... 00.00 5.00 Home Economics .. 00.00 38.50 A'Kempis class 00.00 7.00 Musical class ........ 6.00 20.00' Y. W. C. A. ............ 00.00 6.00 Commuters' Organization ...... 00.00 7.00 A. A. ........................ 00.00 12.50 $76.50 $174.50 These figures show that the re- ceipts of THE DIAL were $98.00 above those of THE GATE POST for adver- tisements from our college alone. more than enough to finance two is- sues of our newspaper. 0f you stu- dents we ask, should not the assist- ance be the same, in view of the fact that the editors of THE GATE POST are so willing to co-operate with the classes and clubs? The freshman class has recently favored the paper with a $22.00 advertisement, but since it must run for eight issues next year very little of that amount can figure in the receipts of this year. For years the faculty, alumnae, and students have thought it desirable that a school of this size should have a periodical publication. But with what interest has it been greeted? Every cent of the money received, and much more, goes into the publica- tion of a newspaper which is read probably by 400 students, subscribed to by 92, and bought by 62! Before the conclusion of the first staff's term of office I thought the trouble must be in 'the administration. So, with the election of a new staff I was optimistic for a better year. But i still find that our paper is merely gasping for breath. YOU STUDENTS, INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVILY IN THE FORM OF CLUBS, ARE SIGNING THE DEATH WARRENT FOR A NEWSPAPER WHICH HAS GIVEN ITSELF TO YOUR SERVICE! Marie Blaikie '33.


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