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Spring 2-28-1944

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Fighting Bigotry and Racial Conflict at home: Teacher’s Round Table of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, Statler Hotel, January 15, 1944 (page 1); Dr. E. J. Haertl Enters Army: Third Instructor Off For Service (page 1)


Cook, A Cake, A Sad Mistake

We drank my fudge, although it would have made excellent chocolate syrup for ice cream. My molasses candy made an excellent paper- weight. As for my soup—it was impossible, so we used it as plant food. Undaunted by these various unsuccessful attempts which gained for me only the ridicule and teasing of my—friends (?), I decided, in a glorious burst of enthusiasm to bake a soft, fluffy, light angel cake. Little did I realize! For days I planned; feverishly pouring over a great accumulation of recipes, testing ingredients with the precision and exactness of a scientist, seeking advice, help, from the most expert in the culinary field. This was not to be a cake; it was to be a triumph. On the morning of the Great Success I awoke bright and early— well, I awoke early, anyhow, jumped out of bed with a gleam in my eye, and murmured a fer— vent prayer that things might turn out for the best. Experimental Eggotist With sprightly step I entered the kitchen, making a bee-line for the refrigerator. “Ohhh,” I groaned, “only six eggs.” I needed nine. well, a little thing like that shouldn’t hinder an experienced cook like me. Gleefully, with a cheery little song, I threw in three yolks to ,make up for the missing three egg whites. Then I busily added the other required fundamentals. How brilliant I was, I speculated, as ‘I employed short-cuts never suspected by master chefs. Why sift flour—mine seemed sifted enough already. Why beat it so long——it looked well blended. My greatest decision was to add twice as much baking powder. Imagine having a cake twice as high! It was a disillusioned, tearful, and discouraged lassie who removed the angel (?) cake from the oven. To no avail the short cuts, the substitutions, the additions. What wonderful ammunition that cake would make—it would pack a really hard blow. Plans and blueprints are now being considered by the government. After all, many of the greatest discoveries have been made by accident. Author’s note: Don’t get me wrong, dear readers—all this was long ago. Now if you should request some creamy, delicious fudge; some chewy pecan caramels, some inviting little iced cup cakes— just drop in any time- I’m sure Mom would be glad to oblige.


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