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Fall 9-30-1943


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If you think your hazing at boot camp was bad, you should see what the high and mighty seniors did to the lowly freshman. Their motto must have been “We aim to please” because their half-made-up faces would have suited both those who like war—paint and those who didn’t. One rubber boot protected them from possible rain; one ordinary shoe prepared them for sunshine. But Freshman Court gave us the most fun of all. Here freshmen who had been so unwise as to fail to obey their senior superiors were tried, found guilty, and punished. Anne O’Hare was the judge, Betty Breen was the rhyming prosecuting attorney, and Alice Dealy and Esther Gondolphp the serious bailiffs. Never did a more patient judge conduct a court. Never did a more just and fair jury make decisions. Never did we have such penitent criminals, such worthy punishments. Whoever said school wasn’t fun should have come to Framingham. (page 3)


Freshman initiation (hazing); Penny Loafers--fashion or (good-luck) witchcraft? (page 3)


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