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The Gatepost, v12, issue 04


The Gatepost, v12, issue 04


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Fall 12-14-1942

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Oh, World at War

. . .out of the tenement and out of the mansion, America awoke, and found herself at war. America awoke, and the dream was shattered with a blast that shook her world, with a blast that left only the gaping wound of reality.

I am only a small part of America, yet already this turbulence, this horror that is war, has begun to seep drearily into my soul, for all about me are the signs, clearer than a bugle call at reveille, which are the call to war. Last night, as I entered the train on my way home from classes, eager for the quiet, restful haven of home, my eyes fell upon a soldier, who, tired from his long journey, was curled awkwardly on a coach seat, and, who, even in that uncomfortable position, was fast asleep. How could I help but thank God that my brother is under age?

I have met boys from the other side of the United States, longing bitterly for the old days, when home and mother and friend were all part of a taken-for-granted plan. But the old days have gone, and in their place the boys face strange people, new foreign ideas, and a home- sickness which depresses their minds and oppresses their hearts. How can I help but welcome them into my home, that they may discover that some of the old familiar things still exist?

My friends have gone, my cousins, the brothers of my chums. They come home looking strangely older, suddenly, queerly, grown up overnight. They talk differently—their old nonchalance has disappeared. and in its place has come an odd gravity, a seriousness of expression. . .

--Carmela Cellucci, December 1942, page 2


Male Instructors Leave for Service, join Navy Instruction Corps and Naval Air Corps


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The Gatepost, v12, issue 04