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Spring 3-30-1932


From page two:

Published every month during the school year by the Framingham Normal School, Framingham, Massachusetts.

At last it is here! A school newspaper, THE GATE POST, which has for so many years been a dream of faculty, alumnae and students alike, has finally become a reality. In publishing our first issue we are expecting your criticism, and anticipating your commendations.

Probably few students realize how much time and effort was spent by certain organizations of the school before such a possibility could be placed before the student body. Therefore, we of the staff wish to make a few acknowledgements which we feel sure will express the feelings of everyone in regard to the privilege of having this publication. First, we want to thank the committee of English teachers whose interest and enthusiasm has changed the idea of a newspaper from something vague to something tangible. With them it has been a question for some time as to whether the school could establish a newspaper and carry it on successfully.

Meanwhile the Student Government Council had been working on the same idea and soon the two committees combined to work together on the growing prospect.

We who are not members of those groups have no conception of the work done by them in furthering the interest of such a publication.

We must not forget the Hilltop News. Probably it was that organization which made us realize how much we would like a permanent newspaper. We add that the Hilltop News staff left the sum of twenty-one dollars to the Student Government for the use of the newspaper.

The permanency of THE GATE POST is at stake with your support, its growth demands your contributions, and its betterment rests upon your criticisms; we cannot do it all. Show us that you appreciate the work of the English teachers, the Student Government Council, and the staff of the Hilltop News.


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