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The letter from her paradoxically comforting but vaguely terrifying senior sister had said, "I will meet you in Framingham Center at Travis Drug Store at one o'clock, and we'll walk up to the school together." Well, it was one o'clock now and was this she? A tall attractive girl had come in and was glancing inquiringly about.

Ann caught her eye and smiled uncertainly. An answering smile told Ann that here was the girl who was to introduce her to her college life.

After somewhat diffident self-introductions had been made, Helen, the older girl, suggested a coke, and over their ice-breakers, the girls rapidly progressed toward an easy friendship.
- Marion Blood, '41

Excerpted from Volume 10, issue 01, September 1940.

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September 1940


printing ink on newsprint, clipping (information artifact)

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