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The effect of good nutrition on cognition is not disputed in the literature. What is not clear is the ideal composition of the diet that promotes optimum cognitive performance. This study will evaluate the effect of weight loss and three weight-loss maintenance diets on cognition in young and middle aged adults who participate in the Framingham State Food Study. Cognition will be assessed by the California Verbal Learning Test, Trail Making Test, and Digit Span Test. Participants in the parent study will be invited to enroll in this ancillary study and meet four times to complete the assessment instruments, at baseline, at randomization, at week 10 and at week 20, concurrent with the regularly scheduled assessments for the parent study. The controlled feeding of the parent study will allow for comparison of the effect of three diets with varying carbohydrate and fat ratios on cognition, and the potential to identify a dietary composition that can maximize cognitive function in adults.

Publication Date

Spring 5-29-2016


Nutrition, Diet, Obesity, Food Study, FS2, Grant Funding


Food Science | Human and Clinical Nutrition

The Effect of Dietary Composition on Cognition During Weight Loss and Weight-loss Maintenance