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The purpose of this research is to determine how the role of parents, specifically immigrant parents, impacts future aspirations for their children. Roles of parents are measured by educational attainment, financial stability, experience with discrimination, and involvement in their children’s lives. Using the Children of Immigrant Longitudinal Study 1991-2006 conducted by Alejandro Portes and Rubén G. Rumbaut, it was found that within the relationship between immigrant parents and their children there are a variety of aspects that are influenced by the parents’ role creating a significant impact on the ambitions they have for their child. The research is conducted with classic assimilation theory and selective assimilation theory frameworks in mind. The selective assimilation theory identifies immigrant conformity to societal norms in their host culture while retaining aspects of their native culture, while classic assimilation theory demonstrates the conformity of host culture over time. Parents’ educational attainment, experience with discrimination and volunteering in their child’s school demonstrated significance in relation to their expectations for their child’s education, satisfaction with their child’s education and child raising customs. The higher level of education a parent received the more likely they were to have higher expectations for their child’s education, satisfaction with their child’s education and to raise their child by American customs. If a parent volunteers at their child’s school they will have higher expectations for their child’s education than a parent who does not, but have lower satisfaction in their current schooling. Parents who do not volunteer are most likely to raise their child by their own country’s customs. If a parent has experienced discrimination this affects the expectations they have for their child’s education negatively. The findings from the study indicate the importance of a strong and involved parental role and how it is shaped through their experiences in the acculturation process in relation to the child’s educational and future success.

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Hopes and Dreams: Immigrant Parents' Expectations for their Child's Achievements



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