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Slides from a lecture given to graduate students in comparative literature at China Central Normal University as part of a mini-course, designed for the Fulbright Specialists Program.


The aim of this lecture was to read a series of texts that allowed all of the participants to experience differing points of entry to a text as insider, outsider, and points in-between. On this day, the focus was on American literature, with the instructor (me), in the role of insider, with the added complication that the American experiences being described were those of Indian immigrants living in diaspora, a kind of experience I come to as an outsider. The goal was to model a kind of self-awareness of one's own reading practices, exposing deficits, while celebrating points of connection and identification.


Jhumpa Lahiri, The Interpreter of Maladies, short stories, comparative literature, lecture slides, graduate studies in English, teaching English abroad, Indian immigrants, Indian culture

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Literature in English, North America, ethnic and minority