Submissions from 2012


Relationship Between Respiratory Load Perception and Perception of Nonrespiratory Sensory Modalities in Subjects with Life-Threatening Asthma, Kathleen L. Davenport, Chien Hui Huang, Matthew P. Davenport, and Paul W. Davenport

Submissions from 2011


Extraction and Characterization of Lipids from Antarctic Krill (< i> Euphausia superba), Joseph C. Gigliotti, Matthew P. Davenport, Sarah K. Beamer, Janet C. Tou, and J Jaczynski

Submissions from 2006


Two-stage Mechanism for Activation of the DNA Replication Checkpoint Kinase Cds1 in Fission Yeast, Xu Yong, Matthew P. Davenport, and Thomas J. Kelly