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Teacher in Space trainees on the KC-135 for zero-G training. Sharon Christa McAuliffe, right, and Barbara R. Morgan, team up with Bob Mayfield, a JSC aerospace educations specialist, to preview some experiments in zero-G. McAuliffe, prime crewmember, injects a hydroponic solution into a cylinder to review one of the experiments for the flight (42470); McAuliffe experiences a few moments of weightlessness provided by the KC-135. She and Mayfield are previewing a molecular mixing experiment which was designed to demonstrate differences of separation process in one-G and zero-G (42471); McAuliffe and Morgan play leap-frog in the temporary weightlessness of the KC-135 (42472); McAuliffe is seated near the controls of the KC-135 aircraft (42473); McAuliffe (center frame) and Morgan, her backup, monitor an experiment involving magnetic effects. The experiment uses a control box, a square recepticle containing rubber tubing, stainless steel rod, a filter with desiccant, soft iron wire, and a magnet (42474).
Johnson Space Center has cataloged this image as: S85-42474.


Space Shuttle Program (U.S.), Challenger Expedition, Weightlessness simulators, Zero-gravity state, physiological effect of, McAuliffe, Sharon Christa, 1948-1986, Morgan, Barbara R., 1951- , Mayfield, Bob, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Astronauts, Training of.

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