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A letter from Christa McAuliffe to her parents, written 9/9/85.


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Challenger Expedition. -- STS-51L. -- McAuliffe, Christa, 1948-1986. -- Correspondence. -- Letter writing.

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September 29

Dear Mom and Dad

Made it to Houston – 2 planes were late and we had a hard time finding the rental car but Barbara and I are having a good time. All the people we have met are super. They are very accommodating and I’m sure that things will work out. We have a nice office – big windows – own phone + plenty of space. We had all sorts of press at our badge station today! We have regular badges and those which will get us into high security areas.

Thank for all the help with the mail, the party + hemming the dress. I wore it down + got quite a few comments on how nice I looked. Steve + I got to the airport with plenty of time to spare – and then they couldn’t find my pre paid ticket at the Eastern counter. It was finally discovered under Auliffe – no Mc!

Caroline, Scott + Steve seemed to do well today. Steve said that Jennifer Bradley has adopted him. She came over and laid out 2 or 3 of outfits for him for the kids!

Also thanks for ordering the draperies. It will be nice to have them up. I’m sure it will finish off the room. I’d also like to get a window seat cover made and have the covers on the wooden bench recovered.

I’m looking forward to our apartment hunting on Weds. It will be nice to be out of a motel. I’m so lucky to have Barbara and Peggy here for company. I would think that it would be very hard to be assigned somewhere by myself. Niki Wenger is rather lonely at Langley – she’s the only one assigned there. We’ve heard from a few of the others and things seem to be better. I’ve enclosed a clipping from the Houston Post. I bet that Marshall Space Center is delighted that the Space Camp suit get press again.

Thanks for the throws for Scott’s bed – he loves them + so does Rizzo! Caroline curled up on 1 of them they [sic] other day. They are so soft and comfortable. The rugby shirt is nice – he’ll get lots of wear out of it this year – those shirts are perfect for the winter – heavy enough for school without having him overheated.

I’ll write again – I’m trying to get in to bed before 11 each night + see if I can get caught up on my sleep.

Thanks again for all your help – and it’s been nice having you come up so often. The kids get excited about having Grandma and Grandpa at the house.

Love –
P.S. hope the itching is better. I’ll write when I have my address


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Christa McAuliffe to Parents 9/9/85



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