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One of purposes of a campus climate survey is measure how the various populations of the university feel welcomed and valued. The distribution of the survey was scheduled for the fall of 2017 but was postponed to the spring. In October 2017 and throughout that semester, the campus experienced a disturbing and unprecedented series of hate crimes perpetuated against our students. Everyone at the university was affected; it was important to repudiate those hateful acts and heal.

The results of any campus climate survey reflects a specific time period; some describe the process as taking the temperature or a snapshot of the university. Surely the results of the 2018 survey reflect the events of the fall 2017 semester. However, we must understand that these incidents did not emerge in a vacuum. While some populations might not have participated for specific reasons this time, it is important to continue to ask these questions, improve the process, make recommendations and so we can ultimately “Live to the Truth.”