The Bell has often been described as the most influential Irish literary magazine of the mid-twentieth century. It was published monthly from 1940 to 1954, beginning in what is known in Ireland as the “Emergency” or World War II era. The list of significant authors whose work was published in its pages includes Sean O’Faoláin, Frank O’Connor, Peadar O’Donnell, Patrick Kavanagh, Flann O’Brien, Liam O’Flaherty, Louis MacNeice, John Montague, Elizabeth Bowen, Austin Clarke, Thomas Kinsella, John Hewitt, Mary Lavin, Maura Laverty, and Denis Johnston, among others. Side by side with these well-known authors, The Bell published the work of emerging writers as well as writing by members of the public. The magazine’s editors welcomed the contributions of anyone in Ireland with a story to tell. The Bell Index includes all of the editorials, essays, short stories, poems, articles, and reviews published in The Bell. To search the index, enter a keyword, author, title, genre, or date range. See the “Search Guide for The Bell Index” for a list of keywords and genres.


Submissions from 1954

More of Jane

Notes on Contributors

The Legend of the Toad-Buffalo

Dylan Thomas: A Religious Poet, Richard Austin

The Awakening, Richard Austin

Strong and Perfect Christians, Maeve Barrington

Millstones, Mary Beckett

The Balancing of the Clouds, Mary Beckett

Montparnasse-Bienvenue, Patrick Brady

The Idler, Neville Braybrooke

Lough Derg, Catherine Brian

The Boy in the End Bed, Catherine Brian

A Portrait of a Minority, Hubert Butler

I … I Suppose So: A consideration of Donat O'Donnell's Maria Cross, Hubert Butler

Letters to the Editor [response to Owen Quinn], Hubert Butler

Saints, Scholars and Civil Servants, Hubert Butler

The Film and the Novel, Alberto Cavalcanti

Letters to the Editor (response to James Plunkett), Erskine Childers

Displaced Persons, Maurice C. Cole

Purposeful Journey, Maurice C. Cole

Abstraction and Humanism, Anthony Cronin

A Province Once Again, Anthony Cronin

Odd Number, Anthony Cronin

Poetry and Belief, Anthony Cronin

Poetry and Living, Anthony Cronin

Preface, Anthony Cronin

Preface, Anthony Cronin

The Lover, Anthony Cronin

The Wicked Earl, Anthony Cronin

Thirty Years Ago, Anthony Cronin

This Time, This Place, Anthony Cronin

Writing, Anthony Cronin

Piranesi's Vues de Pesto, Donald Davie

Professor Heller and the Boots, Donald Davie

Pushkin: A Didactic Poem, Donald Davie

The Musical World of Dvorak, Jose De Benito

The Mansion Purples, Seamus de Faoite

Tomos Twice, W.L. Edwards

The Open Window: A Monthly Perambulation Conducted by Gulliver, Michael Farrell

The Open Window: A Perambulation Conducted by Gulliver, Michael Farrell

Out of the Earth, Maurice Fitzpatrick

Henri Matisse, Martin Gerard

The Open Window: A Monthly Perambulation Conducted by Gulliver, Gulliver

The Open Window: A Perambulation Conducted by Gulliver, Gulliver

French Film, William F. Harpur

Life Arboreal, Pearse Hutchinson

Theatre, Pearse Hutchinson

Wanted - An Ulster Ibsen, Denis Ireland

The Byzantine Poems of Yeats, Valentin Iremonger

A Grave in Zurich, Maurice Irvine

Some Faces in the Crowd, J.D.

Kate O'Brien: A Note on Her Themes, John Jordan

Encounter with a Young Man, Frigyes Karinthy

Emigration: A Letter, John Kavanagh

Cyrano de Bergerac, Patrick Kavanagh

Dublin, Patrick Kavanagh

Intimate Parnassus, Patrick Kavanagh

Irish Stew, Patrick Kavanagh

Narcissus and the Women, Patrick Kavanagh

On Reading a Book on Common Wild Flowers, Patrick Kavanagh

Return in Harvest, Patrick Kavanagh

Scenes from a Literary Novel, Patrick Kavanagh

The Rowley Mile, Patrick Kavanagh

Palm Wine Country, Maurice Kennedy

Some New Books, Maurice Kennedy

The Rock, Benedict Kiely

All the King's Men, Thomas Kinsella

Europe, Europe, Thomas Kinsella

The Travelling Companion, Thomas Kinsella

What Is Cancer?, Francois Le Lionnais

A Reply to P.K., Caitlin MacMilcho

Mullally's 'Reverie', Brinsley MacNamara

On with the Dance, J.F. Manning

Letters to the Editor: The Minister and the Musicians, Dorothy Mayer

The Composer and Society, Frederick May

The Late Sir Arnold Bax, Frederick May

Climacteric, M.B.I.

Handprinted in Dublin, M.B.I.

A Grain to Grow, Ewart Milne

The Haunting of Thurloe, Ewart Milne

There Lived a Man, Ewart Milne

When All Is Said, Ewart Milne

Ernest Hemingway, M.K.

Pietro's Pilgrimage, M.K.

Eat Well for Once, Zsigmond Moricz

The Sheep Trough, Zsigmond Moricz

Tragedy, Zsigmond Moricz

Mind You, I've Said Nothing!, Val Mulkerns

Theatre, Val Mulkerns

Theatre, Val Mulkerns

Theatre, Val Mulkerns

Theatre, Val Mulkerns

Theatre, Val Mulkerns

Theatre, Val Mulkerns

The Blindness of Doctor Grey, Val Mulkerns

The Spanish Temper, Val Mulkerns

Two in One, Myles [Flann O'Brien] na gCopaleen

Sceal na Scannan, Sean O Briain

Two in One, Flann [writing as Myles na gCopaleen] O'Brien

A Pilgrim Has Been Among Us, Peadar O'Donnell