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Arts 167: Introduction to Studio Art

Arts 200: Drawing Fundamentals

Arts 203: Three-Dimensional Design

Arts 222: Color and Design

Arts 241: Ceramics

Arts 254: Painting Methods

Arts 261: Printmaking

Arts 266: Wheelworking

Arts 300: Life Drawing

Arts 307: Functional Ceramics

Arts 308: Woodcut

Arts 310: Art and Motion

Arts 328: Intaglio

Arts 351: Watercolor

Arts 354: Painting Composition

Arts 361 Graphic Design One: Typography

Arts 369: Figure Painting

Arts 416: Advanced Ceramics Studio

Arts 419: Advanced Drawing Studio

Arts 431: Advanced Graphic Design

Arts 456: Advanced Illustration

Arts 473: Special Topics in Studio Art

Arts 478: Advanced Painting

Arts 488: Senior Portfolio in Graphic Design and Illustration

Arts 865: Special Topics in Studio Art

Arts 879: Topics in Advanced Printmaking